Magnificence at
Grandeur Thermal Spa & Resort

At Grandeur, we believe comfort is nothing but a cup of coffee, tranquil water under your feet and gorgeous bushes in the surroundings. Our classic spa and resort area located near Lake Taupo that combines cozy accommodations with nearby thrilling activities. We have rooms that combine modern interiors with exceptional natural surroundings encompassing the exciting geothermal springs. The power and positive energy of our geothermal springs would allow you to heal and take a day off from all the hustle of the real world.

Our pristine swimming pool at Grandeur is surrounded with greenery and when combined with the natural geothermal spa having ideal shelters, you will be transferred to the depth of beauty that could be felt with your eyes closed. Make plans with your friends and family and choose the perfect suite to make your vacation or weekend perfect. Our surroundings are fully enthralling, and you would be glad to enjoy the sporting environment across the golf course and the Waikato river on the edges.

The Otumuheke Hot water stream is another thing you don’t want to miss at Grandeur. Make your bookings and enjoy the prehistoric foliage that encloses this hot waterfall. We believe in offering complete privacy to our guests and hence our rooms are secluded. With our incredible services, hospitality and arrangements, you would certainly be able to enjoy tranquility and peace altogether. Take a holiday from your mediocre life to spend some time near the wondrous nature.

Natural walkways
Swimming Pool


The Spa Hotel is located in a natural sheltered valley on Spa Road just north of Taupo. Natural hot water pools were present in the valley and were utilised by early 19th century European travellers and were well known to Māori before that. The valley was known as Tapapakuao and the hot stream that flows through it as Otumuheke.

The first European travellers into the central volcanic plateau region were traders, scientific explorers and missionaries.

In 1871, where the Spa Hotel is now located, was purchased by the Government from the Māori owners. At some time in the early 1870s Edward John “Jack” Lofley took up occupation of the area and began to develop the baths for paying visitors after which he erected several cottages and developed other facilities at the site.

In 1886 Lofley sold to John Joshua of Napier who registered the complex as the “Taupo Sanatorium”, but it was more commonly known as Joshua’s Spa, and later simply the Spa. The property went through several changes of ownership throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Significant changes included the conversion of Te Tiki o Tamamutu into a lounge with new dining facilities attached, and the removal of the late 19th century bathhouse.

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