Grandeur is blessed to have a natural hot spring stream that takes you in another world filled with relaxation and beauty. We have used this gift of mother nature and transformed it into something you never want to miss. Our geothermal spring and spa in the midst of natural surroundings help you unleash the benefits of hot waters and their exceptional mineral properties. These pristine carbonated waters bring the heat of the earth and persist the exclusive healing properties and mineral contents. At Grandeur, our swimming pools are equipped with the thermal waters and is placed near the Otumuheke Stream that aims at making your mind and body relaxed.


For a fact, the scientists had discovered the exceptional features of thermal waters since the 19th century. Our geothermal springs help you relax your mind and body to enhance the balance and further avail its exceptional benefits. You can enjoy body rejuvenation with multiple benefits like comfort for arthritis, sexual impotence and rheumatism among other medical benefits of the spa. The waters from the natural hot springs make your soul happy and enchanted. Grandeur helps you enjoy the perfect spa experience in our secluded spa and pool arena.

Our Spa service ensures you take the experience of Otumuheke Stream development as it goes through the Waikato River. Whether you want to swim or not, you must take a few moments and let your feet take the steam through the thermal vents. You can even take some time off your busy schedule to enjoy some time in the bathing area. Revitalize yourself and enjoy the exceptional time at the pool.


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